About Us

Our Mission

The Bible will come alive for you on this tour of Israel; the itinerary will enable you to explore many of the stories of the Bible. From the various narratives of the Old Testament and New Testament to the life and ministry of Jesus, reading the stories of faith and redemption onsite will take on a new and exciting meaning.
We want you to walk the steps of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our mission is to unlock a life-transforming experience for each person who God brings to each of our tours. The mission of our tour experience is to bring clarity and understanding of the Bible into context. We will take care of all your travel arrangements and accommodation at a competitive rate.

Hepzibah Tour was created from a passion for leading people to the land of the Bible and realising their call by having encounters at various sites.
We aim to provide you and your group a fulfilled experience.

About Israel

Slightly larger than Massachusetts, lies at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea. It is bordered by Egypt on the west, Syria and Jordan on the east, and Lebanon on the north. Its maritime plain is extremely fertile.

The southern Negev region, which comprises almost half the total area, is largely a desert. The Jordan, the only important river, flows from the north through Lake Hule (Waters of Merom) and Lake Kinneret (also called Sea of Galilee or Sea of Tiberias), finally entering the Dead Sea 1,349 ft (411 m) below sea level—the world’s lowest land elevation. Israel is a land and a people. The history of the Jewish people, and its roots in the Land of Israel, spans some 35 centuries. With the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, Jewish independence, lost almost 2,000 years earlier, was renewed.

Climate in Israel

Spring: One of the more beautiful times to visit Israel, as the country will be in full bloom from the winter rains. Hiking, especially in the north, is encouraged. Humidity can reach uncomfortable levels in the Tel-Aviv area in the day time, but evening temperatures are moderate.

Summer: Temperatures in the summer can reach uncomfortable levels. Activities such as hiking, especially at Masada, should be done early in the morning in order to avoid heat stroke and dehydration. That being said, the country offers incredible beach weather in the Tel-Aviv area, as rain is extremely rare. In the north, conditions will be hot and humid.

Autumn: While the landscape will be in desperate need of water, autumn provides similar temperatures to spring. The rainy season will begin around early October, and will continue through the season.

Winter: Rain will be moderate in the winter, and there can even be snow at higher altitudes, especially in the north. Temperatures will vary widely, especially in the south. Day temperatures could provide enough warmth to take a visit to the beach, while night temperatures may necessitate a heavy jacket. As the winter is not uniform, bouts of rainy, cold days can and usually will be followed by succesive days of comfortable sunshine, often allowing summer clothes to be worn. Bring clothing for any weather and any temperature.